ВИДАННОЕ ЛИ (ЗТО) ДЕЛО coll (sent these forms only often the main clause in a complex sent foil. by a чтобы-clause fixed WO
used to express a negative attitude toward sth. , indignation etc
who ever saw (whofe ever seen) such a thing (anything like it, the likes of it)?
who (who's) ever heard of such a thing (of anything like it)? itfs (just (simply)) unheard of whoever heard the like?
"А это на что похоже, что вчера только восемь фунтов пшена отпустила, опять спрашивают... А я пшена не отпущу... Нет, я потачки за барское добро не дам. Ну виданное ли это дело - восемь фунтов?» (Толстой 2). "And what sort of game is this? Only yesterday I let them have eight pounds of rice and now they're asking for more!.. .I'm not giving you any more rice.... No, I'm not letting anybody take liberties with the master's things. Well, who ever heard of such a thing-eight pounds?" (2b).

Большой русско-английский фразеологический словарь. — М.: ACT-ПРЕСС КНИГА. . 2004.

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